Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Back with Piers Park :)

Hey guys! This week at piers park we pulled up a lot of crabs! Not as many spider crabs as the weeks past but still lots of green crabs. On Wednesday, one kid pulled up a spider crab attacked to 6 bunches of muscles and a fishing rod, quite the find! We also caught 2 baby flounders on the fishing trip with Captain Charlie and Courageous Sailing. But not only captain Charlie, me and Fatima got to drive the boat for a few minutes which was so cool.

I’ve stayed at Piers Park this month also, but one of my favorite experiences was with my last Piers Park group. We played ultimate frisbee with the kids and it was a lot of fun. We had to change the rules a little so then we could incorporate more kids. Also in our last group we played kick ball and it was challenging to work with some of my coworkers and the other counselors from Piers Park to not make the game too competitive for the kids.

With my SHE, Fatima, I’ve been trying to teach her how to shuffle, both the first step, and the bridge which has been fun. I’ve also been trying to and helping my fellow JPA’s how to skateboard. Overall the interactions with my coworkers have been simple but enjoyable. Che and I switch off on the touch tank especially when kids are playing and battling with pok√©mon cards at the picnic table. 

Sea you on the harbor!


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