Sunday, August 28, 2022

Summer over ALREADY!!

 This summer has been one of my favorite summers because of this job. One of my favorite parts of this summer is meeting amazing people working here and working with them. The most memorable site has to be CHV because not only did I meet amazing people there I was able to sorta experience camping because I never really got to camp when I was younger like the kids there at CHV. I also got to see piers park for the first time because I've never been there in my life until this year.

This summer, I learned how to hook a worm correctly and manage a rod. I also learned a lot about the crabs in our harbor and how to identify them. I'm going to miss working at CHV even though there were downsides to working there because of how early it is. I hope if I work here again another summer I can get that site.

Thank you for a great summer.

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