Monday, August 3, 2020

Week 3 in the Breeze

       Hello everyone,
         Aidan here again wih another blog about week three at Save the Harbor, Save the Bay. This week, my team and I were working out Castle island, an old coastal fortress used in the civil war. There is a pier there that people can fish off of that looks over the Logan airport runway, and a small beach next to the restaurant there, named Sullivan's, where people can swim in, the beach is filled with sharp shells and rocks, but has plenty of animal life, such as crabs, hermit crabs, rock oysters, and small fish. There is also a memorial honoring the fallen soldiers of the Korean war who lived in South Boston.
Soldier of Korean War

        On my first day at Castle island, we spent most of the day fishing off the pier. I ended up reeling up an old fishing rod that was catching my rod and Keren's. It was covered in this orange gunk and sea muck and sea grass, so it must have been there for a long time. Other than that, we didn't catch much, except for a few crabs and a small fish in the crab trap. On the second day, we didn't do much except for exploring the area. On the third day, however, we got plenty of stuff done. I got to swim in the small beach area, and we worked on painting a portrait of Castle Island.
        Climate change is becoming a serious topic of discussion today, and it poses a serious threat to life as we know it. That may sound dramatic, but it really could affect the way we live. if the climate changed in Boston from what it is today, the impacts wouldn't be good. For example, if the weather starts cooling and the land in Boston gets to cold, it impacts the summer, which impacts how long I could work at Save the Harbor for a summer. If it gets too hot, it could be too dangerous to go outside without serious protection from heat sickness and sunburns. From my standpoint, it seems like Boston is getting much warmer than usual, since most days have either been rain or intense heat. The best way for me to advocate awareness about climate change is to keep working with Save the Harbor Save the Bay. The whole point of the job is to keep awareness and maintain the health of the Boston Harbor. Weather and the way it can change is a part of that awareness that must be kept.

Fish Pier @ Castle Island

Anyways, that's all I have for today. I liked my site and talking about the problem of negative climate change, so until next time,

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