Friday, August 7, 2020

Carson Beach

        Hello there, this week I was at Carson Beach and took a day trip to spectacle island! Overall I had a great time learning the history about South Boston and how Carson was the site for a lot of racial tensions in the 70's, and about its major 6 million dollar make over in the 90's. Carson is truly a site to explore and do a lot activities on. While doing the mural for our deliverable we got to hear so many stories on how the beach has brightened peoples day or was a place of a significant life event for someone.
Walking the trail at spectacle island 

         The topic that I will be talking about today is environmental justice and how working class communities are more effected by climate change and wealthier communities are less likely to be effected by climate change. As we already know climate change affects then whole world and is a global crisis. With the hotter summers, cities like Boston want to do their best to make sure they're combating it and assisting the communities that seem to be the most affected.
Checking for sea glass 

          However the problem with that is that some communities are more susceptible to climate change and less likely to have new changes than the wealthier ones due to lack of funding. This connects to Carson because South Boston went from being a white working class community to a more white collar wealthy community and is more likely to get the changes it needs to combat climate change when low income communities need it the most. What we can do is inform people in those communities on what they can do to help the environment in their everyday life.  Small steps always go a long way.    


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