Sunday, August 2, 2020

Environmental ideas for a better future

    For this week the team and I went to For point channel. While being here I was seeing all of the boats and the amount of people that go there daily. There was an area near called Fan Pier. In front of it was the federal court. Seeing the water and enjoying the nice warm weather was fun. Then we went to visit the Roseway. They taught us a lot about water quality and the boat mechanics. The water quality was interesting and we realized that water quality is super important to how everyone functions. From the fish to the fisherman. We also learned how the fish reacts to the water quality. If the water is to salty they can die from osmosis. 

    I don't think water quality has much to do with environmental justice. There was an idea that was brought to my attention. The idea of water level barricades. They are an idea that was quickly taken down for money cost. Though to me the idea was one that made me think of the idea of environmental justice. When I saw construction workers create more buildings by adding more rock layering to create more land it made me think on how bad it can get. If water levels rise wont the buildings be covered in water. Environmental justice is such a big and unimaginable idea that has many answers but even more questions. Hopefully one day there will be a future where the questions will be answered. 

A man-made structure in South Boston

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