Sunday, August 23, 2020

Until Next Time

    Hi guys, gals, and everyone in between! 
This past week was our last week of summer programming with Save the Harbor Save the Bay :( 

Although our hearts are a little heavy, we've made some serious memories that will always be cherished and that I will definitely be thinking about once winter makes its way around. 

Leading a team of teenagers through a pandemic with an end goal of creating interactive content for youth was not exactly what I pictured myself doing towards the end of my master's program, but there I was, doing (or attempting to do) just that. Having no real teaching experience, I came into this job a bit frazzled with the constant doubt of whether I was fully equipped to do this, but little did I know, I would be taught a thing or two from today's youth. Some of my favorite moments of the summer were getting to know my group and having conversations and sharing our thoughts regarding current trends and world issues. I loved the fact that we could always joke around while keeping respect for each other! Another favorite part of this summer was playing games with my group, like charades, although they weren't very good at it (sorry guys). 

Team Claudia in the air after too many attempts 

Having been cooped up at home before all this, interacting with people was something I was looking forward to doing again, even if my everyday colleagues were about a decade younger. I got to experience a bit more what it would be like to give advice to younger generations seeking some direction in life, career or otherwise, and I got to see where priorities lay with high school and college folks nowadays. I learned that TikTok and YouTube are basically life skills, but I also saw how important direct communication is and how much the concept of "status quo" is phasing out. The latter two are concepts I seek to incorporate more of into my personal life! I also got to meet people of older generations that are working to make communities more habitable, such as the mayor or Revere, Brian Arrigo, who is working on the Revere Master Plan to make the city metropolitan-friendly and generally better for years to come. 

Sometimes, you have to crab it out (Will & Ruben)

Most of all, I will miss being part of a team with similar interests and passions that are supportive of each other. Even though we will stay in touch, nothing beats working every day with people that are just as excited as you to make an impact on individuals and communities through the use of the public spaces that the Boston Harbor has to offer. 

Team Claudia at Spectacle Island with David, Bridget, and Sam

As always, catch me on the coast! 


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