Friday, August 7, 2020

Constitution Beach

 This week we were at Constitution Beach in East Boston!  Constitution beach was created when the city turned the islands of Noddle, Hogs, Governors, Bird, and Apple into what we now call East Boston. The land was filled in with sediments from the harbor. Constitution beach is right across the water from Logan Airport, So when visiting you get to see planes taking off and landing! We went clamming, seine netting, and looked at all of the other creatures who inhabit the shallow waters. We found Soft Shell Clams, Hermit Crabs (lots of them!) Oyster Shells, Silversides, Mummichogs (type of killifish) and Green Crabs. All of the marine organisms would not be thriving here if the harbor was still polluted like it was in the past.

Hermit Crab

The health of the harbor is greatly effected by water quality. Water pollution is very harmful to the animals who live in it. Clams for example are what are called "filter feeders". They get their food and nutrients by filtering water through themselves. If the water that they are living in is polluted, they ingest the pollutants, making them sick and not safe for people to eat. Another way water pollution effects the animals is their shells. When pollutants are added to water they often change the pH of the water. This change is called Ocean Acidification. What this acidification does is weakens the shell which makes them more susceptible to predators. 

At low tide we did some sand raking. Below is a picture of some of the art we created. We sand raked a bunch of different cartoon characters from Aang and Appa to Stitch and Naruto! 
Aang and Appa

Fins Up!!


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