Sunday, August 2, 2020

Environment justice, Fun at Malibu

Hello once again Save the harbor Save the bay family! This week our team was at Malibu / Savin Hill beach, it was a great 3 days spent doing fun things and making a music video for y’all. Some things we did at our stay in the beach was fly drones, make an awesome music video, and climb trees 😂. 

In today’s blog topic we have something that gets overlooked a lot of the time when thinking of our communities here in Boston. This topic is called Environment Justice! Environmental justice is a social movement aimed to have all people regardless or race, color, national origin, and income to get fair treatment and meaningful involvement with their community. 
In an article called, “Justice bills target impact of the entities that pollute” by Kaitlyn Budion, she quotes, “ We know that when pollution is allowed in the poorest, most diverse, and least politically represented neighborhoods that it affects us all,” said Vick Mohanka, from the Mass Power Forward Coalition. “We cannot live in a society that treats some people differently than others because we know that next time it’s our turn.” Ms. Mohanka is basically saying that our poorer and more diverse communities suffer the most from unfair treatment and pollution. She is also trying t say that a lot of us (people considered minorities) don't have a voice, we don't take politics serious. The main consequences of that is possibly getting a person who takes advantage of their position and makes laws that we don't benefit from, and who does the benefit go to? obviously the rich people id have to assume. 
Let's end this injustice by taking action and venturing into our political leaders. 

AlEx signing out. 

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