Friday, August 14, 2020

Constitution beach

 What is a fishery? Well a fishery is an occupation of catching fish then harvesting them for food. Some fish that are commonly found or caught in and around Boston would be the striped bass, black sea bass, bluefish, tautog, weakfish, summer flounder, and winter flounder. The hub for fishing in Boston is the Boston fish pier. It's the building that the office is in. Some factors that affect the fish environment make it unsafe to consume the fish. Things such as agricultural runoff, sewage, and industrial pollution taint the water and ruin the fishes' home. Mangrove forests that line many Asian coasts have been destroyed to create fish farms. Fish farms allow us to replenish the food fish at a faster rate than the ocean can for the overwhelming demand for fish and it provides jobs for people in impoverished areas with heavy unemployment rates, mostly relevant to Asia. There are different limits when it comes to the regulations with fishing. Some fish can have no limit to amount and size but others may have extreme limits depending on their location. For example, the size limit for a black sea bass is 15 inches and you can only have up to five at a time while monkfish have no size limit and no limit on the amount you can have. Personally, I do not interact with local fisheries because it is not in my interest. I don't go to fish markets to buy fresh fish because there are none local to me. The most interesting thing is that even though a lot of fisheries may overfish, they do provide jobs for the people that need them.

This week my group went to Constitution Beach and Spectacle Island. Constitution had this crystal clear water that was so warm and great to swim in. This by far was my favorite beach. The only problem I had with it was the planes coming in and out of Logan making it a little hard to hear from time to time. I found lots of hermit crabs and learned how to float on my back. We didn't catch any fish which sucked but we did find a few green crabs. Spectacle was fun too. David showed us around the island and we got to see all of the sea glass. I liked the green the best because it looked like emeralds in the sand. Ruben found a yellow one and David said those were really rare. We hiked to the highest point and could see a bunch of the surrounding islands and Boston. We all went swimming in the water and the end which was perfect because it was such a hot day it cooled us all right off after hiking. I had a fun week and will write again next time.

Spectacle Island overlooking another island in the harbor

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