Monday, August 17, 2020

Behind the Fishery!

    A fishery is an area or place where fish and other sea animals are caught. They catch, process, and sell these animals. There are fish that are pretty common around the Boston Harbor area. Some of those fish are Sea Bass (Black sea bass, Striped Bass), Bluefish, Cod, Flounders, Skates, and many more. Although there are many hubs for fishing in Boston, one of the best is the Charles River. There are many fish that are around the area as well as many fishing spots that are known to hold fish of all shapes and sizes.

The main pro of a regulated fishery is that it can help sustain/impact the world's GDP, which is the market value of all goods. This goes hand and hand with the economic health of a country.

    Also, it helps supply people with food throughout the country. However, the main con is the impact on the oceans, and fisheries/fish farms can put harm on those environments. Not to mention that there can be a chance of diseases and bacteria that can be spread around in those fishes. In most fisheries, they fall under 4 regulations that can affect their functions. They are Space, Time, Size, and Gear. With Space, they often limit their area so they don’t overstep their boundaries and affect the environment even more. With Time, they limit themselves on how long they can fish as well as only open on certain parts of the year. Size has to do with the amount of fish that are caught, they cannot over fish and limit themselves on how much they catch. With Gears, only a few select gears can be used to catch fish.

Considering that I have only eaten fish a few times, I could say that I interact with fisheries only a little bit. Sometimes I go to a market to pick up a fish or any similar animal and see how it’s processed in the market. Normally I don’t interact with fisheries at all.

    I have learned many things about fisheries while researching it for my blog. One of them is the difference between fishery and a fish farm. They both affect the environment in their way but also function differently. One thing I also learned from the research is the limitations and rules that fisheries have to abide by to function, also known as the 4 regulations. There is a lot more that goes onto fisheries that people don’t know.

Sea ya Later!

    ~ Kamal

Me and My coworkers chilling on the Harbor Boat Tour!


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