Monday, August 17, 2020

A week full of laughter ;)

    It's sad to think that next week is our last week of work. Looking back I think of the first week of work compared to now. This week I felt really connected to my group. My group and I were placed in Malibu Beach in Dorchester. Even with the blazing hot weather my group and I worked hard to finish our video. Overall, I notice how each week my group works together and finished our deliverable faster due to how cooperative we are. I can tell we've grown as a group because we went from not barely having a conversation with one another whereas now where we have endless laughs and days full of fun. This week we filmed a video for our deliverable. It took us a couple of takes but we got it done efficiently.  With the time we had to spare we decided to connect with our group members by playing games. I learned how to play a couple of new card games. We played Mafia and my group now knows I am not a good liar. Kristen and Maya also joined us as we played Uno one day in the week. Endless rounds of Uno made us play every man for themselves. We had no sympathy as we played. 

My Group and I played Heads Up

 This week's theme was fisheries. I would describe a fishery as a job or occupation that is connected to marine life itself. According to Mass Bay Guides, the common fish that are caught in Boston are the Atlantic Cod and Black Sea Bass. The first time I went fishing was actually with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay when we went on our fishing trip. I learned how to fish and it was a pretty good experience because we had a good time on the trip. On the trip, Charlie, the captain, managed to catch a lot of fish and I got to look at different kinds of fish for myself. I saw some striped bass and winter flounder along with some crabs when we brought up the crab trap. For my first time fishing, I had a good time and I'm glad my first time was with my group. Something new I learned was that Cod is the official state fish in Massachusetts. Cod was also overfished and in 2010 catch limits were introduced to help bring mortality rates down. This is important because at one point Cod were almost non-existent because of how many people caught them as they were fishing.

Catch you guys later,

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