Sunday, August 16, 2020

A week full of fun!!

     This week was a little interesting. My group was able to go to Spectacle Island again on Wednesday for a beautiful walk around the island. Then, on Thursday we had the harbor tour with David Coffin. Out of both trips, the harbor tour was my favorite because we got to sail around the harbor for a few hours and just enjoy the scenery. I was able to learn a lot of new things about the Boston harbor and its island that I have never known before. For instance, the movie Shutter island was filmed on Boston Harbor's Long Island. There are so many things to learn about the harbor and David is the guy to go to. However, on Tuesday some of my group members weren't here so I joined another group at Constitution Beach. Me and Arianna from my group helped that team with research for their deliverable because we didn't have enough people in my group to do one.  I really enjoyed this week because I was somewhere new everyday and it felt good to move around again. Overall, this week was a success in my book!

Luke’s group at Constitution beach.

    This weeks theme was water quality and pollution. When talking about water quality, it means how safe is the water. A lot of factors go into water quality such as chemicals that are in it or physical things that cause the quality of the water to be poor. Water quality doesn't just go with the ocean, you test pools and drinking water to see if they are safe to be in or drink. A lot of chemicals go into pools to make them swimmable for people. Also, you can test water to see if it's acidic, neutral, or alkaline. If the water tests anything below neutral, meaning acidic, it isn't good drinking water. When it comes to oceans, ponds, lakes, or any body of water that animals and ecosystems live in, it is very important to regularly test the water quality because if the water isn't good enough it may harm everything in it. I know that Constitution beach sometimes has to prohibit beach goers from going in the water because there are high levels of dangerous bacteria that could make you sick. The beach is right next to the airport so fumes from the planes could be a leading cause of this. Some beaches in the Boston area don't have the cleanest water, so more testing and more funds for testing would be helpful, but the water quality is much better than it used to be!

Picture of some flowers at Spectacle island.

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