Monday, August 24, 2020

Till next summer...

This is the last blog of the summer I am writing because sadly it is the last week of Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. It's sad to think that about 7 weeks fly by so quick. I feel like just last week I was completing my first blog ever. this summer went by too fast. I just want to thank my group for making this summer better than I expected it to be. This summer would not have been the same. 

To start the week off my team and I meet up at Constitution Beach in East Boston. We met up with Team Karliyah/ Fatima. At Constitution, it was more of a chill and relax day. We just played some games and shared a couple of laughs here and there. The one thing I remember clearly from that day is the amount of bees there. The number of bees that were flying around Constitution Beach was insane. Everywhere anyone went a bee would follow them. It was nice being able to hang around another group for the day. 

So on Wednesday my team and I were in a competitive scavenger. Our group walked and walked and WALKED. We started at the Bunker Hill monument and ended at J Pace & Son. We each ate a refreshing popsicle after our long walk. I feel like we were walking for hours but we were only walking for like 3 or 4. Let's just say it was a pretty long day. I ended up going home and I felt like my legs couldn't even hold me up. I was exhausted but on the bright side, we got pizza at Regina's. Overall we had a great time even though we were tired in the end.

Last but not least on Thursday we went to Spectacle Island. We met up with two more teams. It was pretty hot that day. So we decided to play some kickball. That kickball game sure was something else. First, when we ran that bases we ran them the opposite way, like I mean third base was considered first and vice versa. Then trying to catch the ball was harder than you think when it bounces off your chest. Some people got ran over by the opposing team. And then the ball was being kicked at people's faces. There were people diving for the ball and sadly not even catching it. We just had a good time. It was nice to play in that heat. Even though my team lost we still had fun. 

My team and I successfully surviving the scavenger hunt!

I think my favorite moment this summer was when we were making our full house intro videos. That week was one of the funniest weeks we've had. I feel like even though Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay is a job it also allows you to learn more about the city we all love, Boston. I've learned a lot more this summer about Boston than I have ever in my entire life. And it only took about 7 weeks to learn all that information. I recommend people to take this job. Honestly, with the whole pandemic going on I thought my summer would have been different but it was a lot better than I expected. Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay has such a welcoming and kind community. The people there are very nice and caring. I personally struggled when I was trying to apply through Succes-link because it was just not cooperating with and Kristen was by my side the whole time and I appreciate that because not only was she helpful but she was patient and understanding about it. I think what I'll miss the most are the random stories people would tell in my group. I also learned a couple of new games this summer that I can now share with my friends and family. Generally speaking, I'd say my summer for 2020 was a success.

        Thanks for a great summer!

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