Friday, August 7, 2020

Carson Beach

    What's up everyone?! I'm back again with another blog but this week it's about water quality and my time at Carson Beach. The first day was sort of us just exploring the area and trying to find out where everything was. We spent some time at the pier fishing but had no luck with catching anything. The next day was when we started our filming for the deliverable. As we walked out onto the beach, Ruben casted his line in and two seconds later reeled in a massive striped bass. The thing had to have been at least twenty inches. We got a few good pictures of it and then tossed it back in. We went back over to the pier and hung out by the gazebo. Claudia had a big roll of paper and we drew organisms that somebody might be able to find at Carson beach. The final day we continued filming. Vanessa was Dora and Ari was Swiper. It was pretty funny watching them act it out for the video. Ruben, McRae and I fished and found things in the water like crabs while they were doing that. We all headed back to the bathroom area and drew a mural on the ground using chalk. I drew a clam but I'm not artistic so it came out kind of bad. It looked like two hamburger buns stacked on each other. Everyone else had much better drawings but it's all good. At the very end of the day we made two TikToks. 

    If we had poor water quality organisms would not be able to survive in the water and we would not be able to swim in it or drink it. Boston Harbor has had a history of being extremely dirty water with unbearable conditions. Raw sewage discharges are what made the harbor dirty. Boston was sued in 1982 for not cleaning its waters under the Clean Water Act. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority was made in 1985 and the court demanded that they clean their waters. Spectacle Island is the cleanest beach in the Boston Harbor while Quincy Beach and Nahant are the dirtiest. People tested the water and 1/3 of the time it was considered unsafe. Some common water quality tests include pH testing, salinity testing, and temperature testing. The bacteria in the atmosphere can create rainfall and travel through a microbe water cycle. My dad remembers when all you could see in the water was trash and not a single organism. 

A beautiful image of Carson Beach

Vanessa and Claudia filming our deliverable

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