Monday, August 3, 2020

The Navy Yard and Environmental Justice

Navy Yard, Charlestown
This week my group and I had the chance to be at the Navy Yard in Charlestown. The Navy Yard is quite beautiful and very modern. You can quickly notice how new buildings and establishments. As we walked around we saw many apartment complex's, healthcare buildings, and only a few small convenient stores. The are also has  docks where sail boats for  programs like courageous sailing. Nearby you can also find the constitution museum where people can walk around inside and see many interesting things from the time period. Not far from the Navy Yard you can find the Bunker hill monument which represents the battle of Bunker hill.
Environmental Justice
This week was got to learn about Environmental Justice. What is Environmental Justice? Basically it means the equal treatment of all humans regardless of color, income, or adoption and their involvement in the enforcement of environmental laws. However it's not always as such, for if you live in an area where there are more colored people you probably live in a very hazardous area and if you live in a predominantly white area its probably a low hazard area. Boston is one example of such visible injustice. In Boston many of the sites where hazardous waste is dumped is usually in areas of low income and minority families. This can cause so many health concerns to the people who live in those areas. However in order for this to stop the people in these areas need to use their voices and make it known of how awful it is for this injustice to continue. The world needs to learn about it and find ways to make it better and to not pick and choose where to dump such waste in places due to who lives there and what they look like. At the end of the day in the long run it affects everyone. So will you be the one to help make a change?

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