Monday, August 10, 2020

Eastie Scavenger Hunt!

The past week was insanely fun as my team took on Eastie! We went to Constitution Beach, which was formerly known as Shay's Beach. Located right off of Orient Heights, we spent the last week basking in the sun, while working and relaxing at a lovely beach. The week was also full of a lot of surprises, such as field trips and animals. 

On Monday, we had a zoom meeting where we sat in and listened to our boss Maya's therapist tell us a little bit about her journey. We were fortunate enough to listen to an empowering story from a very strong and enduring woman. She taught us the power of not giving up and continuing on your dream, despite past struggles. When we get hit with despair, it feels like an endless cycle of failure and sadness, but we were taught to persevere, because down the road there is a light of hope for everyone. 

On site, our group was lucky enough to spend the week at Eastie's, lovely Constitution Beach. Besides having fun, our main goal for the week was to create a Scavenger Hunt based on Eastie. We made a mural based picture, with Constitution Beach, and the airport drawn behind it with about 15  crabs hiding! It is a fun and easy way to learn the geography of the beach, while having a fun activity to do. On Tuesday, as we were making our mural, our boss Bridget came with snacks for us! Popsicles, crackers and so on were brought to the site, which made the time more fun.

On Wednesday, we really got going on our project, finishing the design, drawing and most of the colors. This allowed us to open time to have fun on Thursday with our group. We all worked hard to make the project reasonable, fun and presentable, and were able to finish the entirety of the project on Thursday. With finishing this project, not only did we have a lot of time left in the day, but we got hit with a lot of surprises. Sam came with our equipment, but she also came with her dog! Although Sam was here only for about 10 minutes, her dog was really fun to play with! As she left, Albert came along with his dog! Albert's dog's name is Mocha, a young puppy who is very afraid of humans. However, in a truck there was a really big dog that Mocha seemed to be aggressive towards. Such a funny little dog. After ending the day, we went to go get lunch in Revere, before heading to the marsh.

I was unable to attend the Marsh because  I had another college orientation, but the pictures seemed like my team had as much fun as I did during the week. It is fun to bond with your coworkers, especially when they make it really easy but bringing their cute little pets, while also being such cool people. Although our big man and leader Mikey won't be with us this week in Charlestown, we will make sure to keep the hot streak going in Charlestown!

Until next time,
Qalid Hassan
The crew field trip

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