Friday, August 14, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Fisheries

 Fisheries are one of the most important thing for our economy. Not only is it important here in America but it is important in other countries as well. The big countries like China or japan have a huge income of fish. They take millions upon million of fish a year and honestly does a number on the fish population. the pros and cons are what make fisheries so controversial. Do you want to make a lot of money by taking so much fish or do you want to increase and make your business last longer into the future by not taking as much fish. So the obvious pr of the fisheries such as catching fish is that it makes money. In America it makes about 3 billion a year. This a huge number for income from one out of many money making ideas. The other pros are fun time, as in fishing with friends or family. Fisheries are in many forms and have many techniques. Another pro is when fishing farms are trying to increase the fishing population in ponds and sometimes the ocean.

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The cons of some fisheries are the amount of fish being taken. When you put together every place on the world that does commercial fishing and use nets, there is a huge number of fish being taken everyday. many of them are killed and cant reproduce. the populations go down causing fisherman like me who do it for fun or other who do it to live struggle. Not only that but your messing with the circle of life. The ocean uses the fish to have a balance, When the fish are gone the coral and other things also will struggle. The ocean is very delicate and needs to be taken seriously. Also there is many way to help the population but the money is a big want to many people. The government need to make a better way of improving the way of fishing for the people and the ocean. See you next high tide!

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