Monday, August 17, 2020

My week at Constitution !!


On Tuesday we went to Constitution beach, we were looking for hermit crabs and Ruben was trying to fish. Claudia, McRae, Vanessa, and I saw two hermit crabs fighting for a shell to live in and it was really fun, we also saw a bunch of tiny little fish. We made skits for a video and I was a jellyfish. We went swimming for a little then I got cold and got out and put my sweater on. Then for lunch we walked to Burger King and talked the rest of the day about our hardships and gave each other advice. On Wednesday we went to Spectacle Island. We were on the boat for a very long time it felt like forever but we went on a hike and went swimming. Vanessa and I ran to the water because it was really hot, we ate then left to go home. On Thursday we swam, made skits, went back to Burger King for lunch again and Vanessa and McRae went to subway to eat. We watched funny videos and went back swimming then went to the showers and changed then went home.


What is fishery? A company or a group of people harvesting fish. Common fish that are caught in Boston are BLUEFISH, BLACK SEA BASS,STRIPED BASS, SCUP, TAUTOG, and WEAKFISH. A hub in Boston for fishing is Kayak fishing hub and it is located at Boston's north shore. Ecological pros and cons of fisheries are: Pro - Replenishment, because it helps get more food fast and allowing supplies to have to keep up with demand. Con- Environmental Damage. These farms have large fish condensed in one area, and when the fish die they are dumped in to the water polluting it. I haven't had a chance to interact with fisheries but I'm interested in the future. Something interesting I learned about fisheries is that there are a lot of regulations and rules to fish and that american lobsters have a longer lifespan than cats and dogs.

-see you next time on the water,


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