Friday, August 7, 2020

The Importance of water Quality

 We all know what water is. It is what covers 71 percent of the earth and also what makes 71 percent of us. It is the most important things after oxygen and is needed for everyday life. Now we need to know if the water is good to drink or even use. So this is when water quality comes in. So this week the team went to Carson Beach. The water there was very murky and warm. I noticed that the beach deeper in the water was muddy and that was what made the water quality bad. Water quality can tell many things. There kits for pH, and salinity. Those are just a few of many different kits to test water. Now what does pH and salinity have to do with anything? Well they show the amount of salt and how acidic the water is. So never drink salt water because if you do the salt will cause you to have hallucinations. It is very important to understand why we have water quality testers.

Clean Beach

Also the water quality signifies what life is in it. For example the water quality tells you the fish and the coral and other things in the environment. To know how to keep the water quality stable for all life is needed to help preserve life to its fullest. When we pollute the world the water gets polluted too. We caused our waters to be gross and dangerous for some fish to live in. We even made our harbors the grossest in america at one point. Luckily we decided to fix our mistake and make the water quality better. We should be trying to help the other parts of the world too. We need to make a change soon or it will be too late. Catch you guys on the next wave!

Water testers
Water Tester

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