Sunday, August 16, 2020

Look at the view!

 A fishery is a sort of large scale group of organizations and people who fish for fish either for recreation or occupation to produce money and aid the economy. Fisheries are a sort of hub for fisherman as that is where most of the commercial fishing is taking place and where all the dealing and trading is done. Typical fish that you would see in the fisheries around Boston are species like haddock, mackerel, redfish, flounder, cod, and tuna. All of these fish can be found inside the Boston harbor which is also the fishing hub of Boston, it is a great and open harbor and marina where fisherman can leave from and venture out to the Atlantic ocean and catch larger and more exotic fish species which aren't commonly found in the harbor. There are a few pros and cons when it comes to fisheries, one of the major benefits of fisheries is that they usually work well with and for the economy, the fishing market usually runs through there and without the fishery there isn't as strong of an economy or at least prevalent of a market. Fisheries also bring more trading opportunities with other states and nations as they can travel to the different ports and harbors where these fisheries are located. The most noticeable downside or concerning part of fisheries is that if not maintained well they can reduce the populations of fish as they can become over-hunted and from there they can go endangered. Some rules and regulations of our local fisheries are that fish have to be a certain size in order to be kept and also commercial fisherman are only allowed to fish and keep specific species that are not endangered and have to maintain a certain number of fish to bring home and if that number exceeds the limit they can be subject to fines and possibly get their fishing license revoked. I personally interact with fisheries when I am on teh harbor for work and run into local fishermen and or travel to the markets and buy fish, I also have taken home fish that I have caught while on fishing trips which makes me a part of the fishery. Something new that I learned was that fisheries can be and often times are the driving force behind fish markets and without the local fisheries, many towns and cities would not have the same opportunities to have fish and consume them on a daily basis.


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