Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Fun Week!

    This week was a pretty different week. The first day most of my group was out so we went to Constitution Beach again and tagged along with Luke's Group. On Wednesday we went on Spectacle Island again. It was super hot and getting my feet wet made me feel a little better. On Thursday my group and I went on a harbor tour and got more information about the different harbor islands in Boston. I know a lot more about Boston thanks to David Coffin for all the historical facts and information he shared with us on that day. If you ever have any questions just ask David he'll know. This week wasn't a typical week of work for my group members and me but I had a pretty good week. Not only was I able to learn more about Boston but with the change in our schedules, I was able to get to know more people that work with Save the Harbor as we hopped around from group to group. 


Views of Boston on the Harbor Tour.

   The theme for this week was water quality/pollution. Water quality is actually very important because not only can it affect the marine life but it can also affect the surrounding areas. It's important to maintain it at a good and healthy level. This can affect life surrounding the water area because bacteria and viral diseases and parasites have a tendency of spreading amongst people cause a risk to people's health. Pollution is also important to the ecosystem because it can affect the air and damage life for plants and crops. These topics are really important because both can cause great damage to our ecosystem. 
    According to the Boston Herald, some of the cleanest in the Boston area are M Street Beach, Carson Beach, Pleasure Beach, and Nahant Beach. These beached received a perfect score in their yearly reports. By far M Street Beach has been the cleanest beach. 
    I believe people should research and become informed about this topic because this can affect a great number of organisms. Pollution and poor water quality will increase the number of diseases and infections. So many sea animals will lose their habitat which will cause an increase in deaths. 
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