Monday, August 10, 2020

Carson Beach !!


My week at Carson Beach

We started off our week playing wiffle ball and kickball. We walked to the pier a lot where Ruben was doing a lot of fishing, and we were talking and making jokes with each other. Then for lunch we walked to McRae's house so we could get her volleyball and go to the convenience store and then walked back to the pier. We played volleyball, kept trying our luck at fishing, then left to go home. 

On Wednesday we played volleyball and put our feet in the water, then we went fishing while Ruben led the way. He caught a fish it was a striped bass. We took some video for our deliverable too but that didn't take too long. Walking back to the pier we drew on a big piece of paper and I drew a yellow duck. Then Will, McRae and I walked back to the convenience store then back to the pier and hung out for a little then went home. On Thursday Vanessa and I dressed up as Dora and Swiper for video and we messed up a lot but it was really fun. We made a mural out of chalk and got food. Then made Tik Toks then a group picture then went home. 

Studying water quality is important because water pollution contaminates bodies of water mostly from all people. It's important to keep our waters clean for us and animals that live in them. A challenge to maintaining high water quality in the Boston Harbor is back then the harbor was very dirty and not safe to swim in. In 1972 there was a Clean Water Act in this help clean the harbor somewhat. The cleanest beaches in Boston Carson Beach because it's record is fourth year of a hundred percent in a report from environmental Advocates like Save the Harbor, Carson Beach, Pleasure Bay and Nahant Beach also got a hundred percent. A dirty beach is Kings Beach in Lynn because it had storm water pipes leak into the beach. Ecosystems like forests, woodlands, wetlands and natural grasslands, soak up water that is moving slowly from streams that help purify the water or the ocean. 

                                                                                 -see you next time on the water, Ari

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