Monday, August 3, 2020

my week at fort point channel :)

    On Tuesday we went on a fishing trip and everyone caught fish except me but I was very impatient and keep reeling my rod up. It was a long fishing day. We ate and came back to the docks. The next day we walked down to where the ICA is and we had a drone that goes underwater and we saw a lot fish. Then we walked to the Roseway and learned how to navigate on a boat with out a GPS and also how to test the pH in the water, which means seeing how much the acidity level is in the water. After lunch we walked and made a scavenger hunt then went home. The next day we walked down to the ICA and tried use the underwater drone but it wasn't working then we played marine and environmental charades then walked back to the barking crab and played marco polo for and end of the day game. Then on Friday we all went kayaking with all the groups it was really fun and it was a good time, and I met more people and made new connections.  See you out on the ocean- Ari

The under-18 kayaking squad

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