Sunday, July 25, 2021

A fun filled week

Hey guys so this week we were located in Quincy and we went to wollaston beach. We first meet at Quincy station at first Aleena and I were lost because our group was at the other side of the station then we were at. We also had MaryKate as a honorary member of team Jason, when we met up with the rest of our team Bridget drove us to the beach in groups of four, and Jason rode his bike there. When we got there we went fishing and Alex ,McRae, Jason, and I walked in the water and was looking at the shells. I of course cut my foot on a shell and then we started to go see what was in our snack bag and we ate most of our snack bag. Then we decided what to do for our deliverable. We decided to make a guide to the Boston Harbor Islands. Then we walk to Walgreens and got drinks and took a picture then called to a day and went home. Then on Wednesday  we went to spectacle island with Francesca’s team and Caroline’s team. It was a last minute trip we went with All access and I was with Hope and Aliyah they were in Francesca’s group and Carolina’s group. We ate and I was hanging out with people from the other two teams and we fished for a little. My team hiked up the hill there was a tons of mosquitoes and we took pictures and then went back to the water to swim and we swam until it was time to go back on to the boat. I had to go back to the office to drop off the supplies we brought with us. I saw Aidan eat and popsicle and i wanted one and before i left to go home i took another one, because they were really good.

On Thursday we went on fishing trip with Anna’s group and and met the rest of Anna’s group i already met MaryKate and i knew Ruben from last summer because we were on the same team. I learned how to set up a fishing line and at first it was boring because the fish weren’t biting so the captain Charlie moved the boat to a new spot and people started to catch fish. Charlie was going to move the boat and we had to a reel up the lines but I couldn’t reel mine up. I had to have Ruben help me and a fish came up! I was so happy I took and gave the fish to Ruben to unhook the fish and put it back in the water. We moved and everyone was getting lucky and getting fish. I caught my last fish then moved to another side of the boat and then I headed people yelling because Ruben caught a shark and it was really cool. After that my team went to the office it fill up our snack bag up once we got to the office we got popsicles and filled our snack bag and we were all leaving and when we were at the lobby and Jason wasn’t there so we were trying to sneak downstairs to the other lobby but he caught up to us then we all went home. That was my week it was filled with adventure.



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