Friday, July 23, 2021

Fish Week 2021

Hey y'all!

You've heard of Shark Week, but that's nothing compared to Fish Week with Team Jason (aka the Harborbots). This week, we went fishing on all three of our in-person days. On our first day, out at Wollaston Beach in Quincy, we all relearned how to tie on hooks and weights, cast, and reel. We only managed to catch a few feisty crabs before calling it quits and starting work on our deliverable about the Harbor Islands. Quincy has a pretty good view of the Harbor Islands, but we got an even better view on Wednesday when our group joined teams Caroline and Francesca to visit Spectacle Island with the All Access crew of Save the Harbor. Again we started off our day with fishing and I managed to catch a decently big green crab off of the dock. After our 15 minute rotation at the fishing station (during which none of the youth groups who went to Spectacle on All Access joined us), we went to hike the North Drumlin and got stickers to prove it. We ended our day at Spectacle with swimming before getting back on the boat to head home.

Me with my Spectacle catch

We finished off Fish Week with our team's first fishing trip on the Belle, accompanied by Team Anna. I managed to catch one fish, identified by Save the Harbor's resident fishing expert Ruben as a type of perch. Most of the others on the fishing trip had more luck than me with their catches. Grace from Team Anna caught a sea robin, which is a funky looking fish with wings. Jason managed to catch the same fish twice in a row. And resident fishing expert Ruben, who spent most of his time helping those of us less experienced with fishing, still managed to go out and catch a sand shark. To be honest, though, my favorite part of the fishing trip wasn't the fishing - I more enjoyed going on a boat ride around the Harbor. It was nice to be literally out on the Harbor and we got a couple of good island pictures for our Harbor Islands deliverable.

Harborbots take the Belle

Peace out y'all :)

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