Friday, July 30, 2021

Week 4 - Going to the Aquarium and Learning How to Bike!

This week was quite a memorable one. We started off the week by going to the New England Aquarium and I haven't been to the aquarium since elementary school. Looking back, I remembered that the penguins were the first animals introduced and the huge column of saltwater fish and coral reef that was in the middle of the building. I saw so many fish that my family has kept over the years, but they were so much bigger and living in massive tanks. In one of the tanks, there was supposed to be a fish called the longhorn cowfish. It is a yellow boxfish that has long horns pointing out of its forehead. I consider this one of the most unique and fascinating fish I have ever kept. It's also one of the most passive and adorable fish I have ever had. Albert and I tried multiple times to spot this fish, but we did not find a single one. This tank also consisted of a different variety of tangs and one of my favorites, the Emperor Angelfish. Overall, this tank was definitely the highlight of the Aquarium. 

Since my group was going to the Charles River this week, we thought about biking, but I was one of the few people in my group that didn't know how to bike. This created the ultimate opportunity for me to learn how to ride a bike. At first, it was a struggle because my sense of balance was horrible, but eventually it clicked and now I am trying to stay on the bike for as long as I can. Unfortunately, our group was not able to bike together, so hopefully we can do it at another site.

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