Monday, July 19, 2021

Week 2 with the Harborbots!

 This week was our second week out on the harbor. Our site for this week was the Harborwalk at Seaport. Everyone in our group had a great time walking around and eating food just talking on Tuesday-Thursday. Since this week wasn’t just an ordinary week, our deliverable didn’t have to be super descriptive and detailed...  so we all settled on making a Tiktok to show the multiple changes that had happened on our site through the gentrification that had occurred there. Our ideas had included sea level rise, climate change, and other subjects covered in short, 1 minute long clips. I crossed up Jason in basketball for our sea level rise TikTok!

However, this Friday was probably my favorite day of the working week since the Save the Harbor Staff had conducted a Beach Bash at Constitution Beach. Which basically just felt like a huge party but we would get paid for it. At the Beach Bash everyone on staff had to pick a station to supervise for the day, and I picked fishing! I had a really great time teaching children the basics of fishing for the entire afternoon. There was a slight incident and I accidentally cut my teammate with a fishing hook and I quickly learned that lesson before it could happen again. I had a blast with my team and other teams that took part in it! Below is a group picture I took with my team

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