Sunday, July 25, 2021

a week of everything

 This week my group was in Quincy.  Our topic was the harbor islands and water quality.  We were told that on Thursday we were going to be on a fishing trip, so on our first day we had some fishing rods with us to make Sure everyone knew how to fish. The first day for me is not as fun as the rest of the days because that's the time when we're all trying to figure out how we are going to show the topic and sometimes that isn't easy.  Then on Wednesday we were asked to go to spectacle island.  Considering our topic was harbor islands, going to one was better than being in Quincy.  That day I mostly remember waking up and not knowing if we were going to be virtual or go to Quincy, but we ended up going to spectacle.  

And now for the fishing trip day.  We were told that on one of the other trips that they did last week there were so many fish that it was a new record for them.  There were a lot of them and we were catching a lot of them.  My team leader ended up catching the same fish twice.  We caught a little sand shark.  The weirdest thing was I hooked it and I didn't even know because someone else pulled it up.  It was only until I noticed my line was going left and the hook was in the fish.  So even though I did not work, I'm still very proud of that.  I think that that was the last fist that we caught before we went back.  When we got back my team leader's first words were “we got back early alright back to the office”.  The reason was we had to fill up our snack bag and the office was right there.  The problem is the office is in the middle of the fish pier so you have to hold your breath to get there.  We got there, filled up the bag and left. It was definitely worth smelling dead fish just to fill the bag up. That was a great day, we caught some fish and got some food for next week. 


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