Sunday, July 25, 2021

Another fun filled week

Hey guys this week i was on a harbor walk in the seaport and the north end. I had a fun second week, we talked about the sea level rising and we found a basketball court and we were playing around and having a ton of fun. We also walked to a park to talk about and articulate that we had read about the plans to change downtown and the north end and how long that will take. Then the next day we went to the sea port and walked around some more and made our TikToks for are deliverable and we also stopped by the office where most of us have not been (including me). It was very spacious but when walking there it smelled like fish but that’s mostly it was at a fish pier but it was really nice. Then on Thursday we went back to the north end where we went to a different park and made more TikTok. Then we went back to the basketball court where we finished our TikTok and played with the basketball that Jasmine had brought and Albert climbed over the fence to look at the sand and water and I tried to but that wasn’t working out. We were supposed to meet with Francheska’s team but things were just in the way. We walked over to Faneuil Hall and on our way there we stopped at a 711 and got snacks. I got ice cream and we also stopped but some sprinklers. When we got there we went into the croc store and then called it a day. On Friday we had to help with a beach bash where I got to see other people from other teams and got to build sand castles and teach little kids to fish and show them crabs we found in the water. The last day was very hectic and crazy but really fun.

See you next time on the water - Ari

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