Monday, July 26, 2021

Boating and Floating Through Week 3!

 Hello! This week was definitely my favorite so far. Tuesday, our group leader was out sick. So, Syan, Ruben, and I were assigned to different groups. I had the great opportunity to tag along with Jason's group and I had an amazing time. My group has gotten really small, especially last week, so it was so fun being in a bigger group. Jason's group and I spent the day in Quincy. We began the day at Wollaston Beach and fished off the piers. We caught a few crabs, and I learned a ton about fishing from Albert, who is their group's Ruben (fishing expert)! We spent the rest of the day wandering through the water and finding organisms to learn about. On Tuesday, I also saw the office for the first time which was really cool! We finishing up for the day and headed home. On Wednesday, I was back with my group, which was only me, Syan, Ruben, and Anna! So small! We spent the day in East Boston and had the amazing opportunity to spend a few hours with a Park Ranger, from whom I learned so much. I realized I have been overlooking all of the amazing organisms on every inch of every beach! East Boston's beach was beautiful and so cool and I loved how close the planes were. After the park ranger finished up, we went home and got ready for our fishing trip on Thursday. I think my favorite part of this job is when I branch out and meet different people from different groups, so I was extremely excited for Thursday. We spent the day with Jason's group and had a beautiful day on the water. We ended up catching roughly 45 fish! We caught black sea bass, sea robins, ocean perches, and even a sand shark! I learned how to attach a flounder hook, put on worms and squid (not my favorite part), and learned all about different types of fish in our harbor. We listened to music and danced, had great conversations, and I created bonds with people that I didn't have the week before. Throughout Thursday, my group and I decided to make a TikTok for our deliverable. We went through how to attach a flounder hook, how to put on a worm, and showed them all the fish we caught. This made me realize that a Save The Harbor Tik Tok could be a really great resource for us to reach out to people in our generation who have the same interests as us. On Friday, we edited the TikTok and created a pamphlet to go along with it in order to educate everyone about the animals in our harbor. I was very excited and proud of our deliverable this week! Here are some pictures of our week:

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