Sunday, July 25, 2021

week 2 the seaport and something else

     so for this week we were at the north end and the seaport witch was great, I spent 5$ on a pizza.  our topic for that week was sea level rise and gentrification.  it took me half of the week to figure out that gentrification means, when you develop the land to make better housing but it is too expensive for most people living in the area, I think that's right.  


    the first day was basically the same as last week figure out what our topic is and how we were going to show it.  the second day we were in the s
eaport and while walking along the water one of my team members accidently gave his glasses to a fish.  this means that they fell off his head and landed in the water.  so the next time you see a ladder going in to the water don't take a video of your self pretending to climb out of the water like you just went for a swim.  the best part about that is after they fell off he went in after them and couldn't find them, but by that point we were all laughing about it.  sadly I don't have the video of that so your going the have to imagine it from my bad story of it.  Thursday we finished up all of the work that we started yesterday.

    on Friday we were working on something called a beach bash.  it was basically just makin Shure no kids got hut or went missing but surprisingly I learned a lesson.  the lesson is never trust people in my grout with anything sharp.  we were at the fishing station and one of the lines got tangled so I asked someone to hold the rod so I could untangle it.  I realized I was never untangling it so I went to cut the hook off so we could use it on another rod. then the hook studently went up along with my finger.  it wasn't a bad cut but my group has 8 people in it and 2 of them got hooked including me by 2 other people in my group.  besides that it was a great day.  

    my first week I only put a short paragraph so I needed to make up for it by taking 2 random things and turning them in to a full paragraph, and I also didn't take any pictures so I need to make up for that also.  

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