Monday, July 26, 2021

Week 3! Wowee!

 Week 3 with Team Jason was a blast! Although we didn't get to spend very much time in Quincy like we planned, it was more than made up for by our fishing trip and our day at Spectacle Island. The one day that we did spend in Quincy was at Wollaston Beach, where we did some light fishing and ended up catching a few crabs! Though it was our only day in Quincy, we got to spend our time working on our deliverable and tearing through out snack bag, so It was still a great time. 

On Wednesday, we decided to help take groups to Spectacle Island, where we got to catch even more crabs. Over there, our group decided to try some hiking, and we got to see some spectacular views at the top of the North Drumlin. 

The Highlight of the week, however, had to have been our fishing trip on Thursday, where we boarded the Belle and went fishing. Getting to practice rigging rods and hooking bait was an enjoyable learning experience, but the real fun was in actually catching the fish. Most fish we caught were black sea bass, but we also got a look of some really weird and pretty species, and Reuben even managed to catch a shark! It was just an all-together great time on the water, and we got some pretty killer pictures on the boat.

Overall, a pretty good week! Maybe even our best one yet!

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