Sunday, July 11, 2021

First week of save the harbor

It was the first week and it was nice. We first went to Carson beach and had fun introducing each other and getting to know each other. It is nice to see how people found this job and what they want to have a career in. Carson is a beautiful beach and I was even lucky to learn the history of Carson beach. Sadly it was not a good past but sometimes you need a bad past to learn how to make a great future. We then went ton castle island. I love to fish so I tried to fish but the area is not as good as it used to be. The fishing pier has been ruined by the over population of boat users going there scaring the fish in that area. Sadly no fish caught.

While in castle island I was able to learn about the fort of the island. It was originally a Britain Fort that was destroyed then George Washington asked his chief engineer to build the fort again and now the fort has survived sense then. Our group also had a nice walk around the entire island which was nice to do. Being in the house all day for almost a year can really take a toll on your body. After the castle island trip we were put into Fort point and it was very interesting to see the difference in the environment.

At fort point is primarily city, so a lot of buildings and cars. This also has made a lot of trash fall into the water. The clean harbor we see in other places was not so clean in some places. It makes sense though with the amount of people who don't care that throw trash to the ground is what causes this mess. Though there is still a lot of nice places to walk around in. Also there is the Boston Tea Party with a lot of history to learn and you can even go on the boat and learn about the history itself. 

With the Crew

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