Friday, July 30, 2021

Didn't enjoy this week

    This week was definitely one of the most fun weeks have had so far this summer! The thing that I appreciate about this job is that we rarely have to sit down and do actual work. It's all about having fun and making friends. Going to the aquarium with all of the groups on Tuesday was really exciting because I haven't been there since elementary school. It's a lot smaller than I remember it being but there were alot of really cool animals there. I especially liked seeing the sea lions do their tricks. Seeing that makes me wanna be a sea lion because of how cool it would be to be able to swing the way they can. The Jelly fish tank was also super cool. Seeing them reminded me of that part in Nemo when they had to go through a whole hoard of Jelly fish while they were getting stun a bunch of times.

    The next day my group and I started and finished our deliverable. We ended up doing a rap to the beat of a rap song that I forget the name of. It was challenging having come up with lyrics that matched the beat but were also related to the theme of bivalves. We had our group mate Roy rap the song and then we made a little music video to go with it. You should definitely go check it out sometime. MaryKate, Grace and I were tasked with running the Save the Harbor table at the Beach Bash event with Maya and David. I thought that it would be difficult since there was only 3 of us and usually you would have 2 groups for the beach bash but it ended up being super fun. I got to hold a lobster and a crab for the first time.

    Now onto some fun facts about lobsters 🦞and crabs 🦀! Back in the colonial times lobsters were not seen as a delicious commodity. People rarely ate them and lobsters were mostly fed to livestock like pigs and goats. When food is scarce lobsters will also feed on other lobsters. Although lobsters are often depicted as red they are never really red until they are cooked. In the wild they are green or yellow. When out of the water for long periods they will start to turn blue. New England is one of the best places to hunt lobster because its rocky shores give them lots of places to hide. 

    Crabs can be found all over the world with there being over 6,700 species of crab. One of those species, the Japanese Spider Crab, can grow up to 13 feet in length. Female crabs can lay 1000 to 2000 eggs. The crabs that are born from those eggs will each have 10 legs since crabs are decapods. Most crabs have pinchers that they use to hunt for food. They mostly eat things like algae, mollusks, and worms. They sometimes even eat other crustaceans. 

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