Sunday, July 25, 2021

Fun in the Sun!

Seabass caught on trip!
            Hello and welcome back friends!! This week we kicked off the fun with a trip to the North End, followed by exploring the Seaport, Save the Harbor’s home itself! It was our goal to study rising sea levels; this encompassed ideas like greenhouse gases, the green new deal, thermal expansion, and coastal flooding. Greenhouse gasses actually contribute to the greenhouse effect (sun being trapped in the lower part of the atmosphere) by soaking up infrared radiation. Coastal flooding encloses the idea of sea level rise: the constant elevation of water to land. All of these topics were really interesting to explore while keeping Boston in mind, because it proves to us and our neighbors that this change is happening right outside of our doorstep.

In the middle of the week, I went on a fishing trip on our favorite boat, The Belle! There, we caught over 20 fish, all different types and sizes! The most common fish we caught were sea bass, a black species of marine ray-finned fish, regularly found in the Boston Harbor. Not only did we explore some parts of the Harbor that we haven’t seen yet, but we all bonded over our love of fishing; that was really shown through all of the fish we caught!

To end the week off with a bang, my group and I helped facilitate the Beach Bash at Constitution beach. We were all super excited to be able to fish, have a touch tank, play sports, and enjoy some face painting, things we don’t always do everyday. Being out on the beach and hosting such a welcoming, fun, and much needed bash was the best way to end off a week of hard work around the seaport. SEA you next week for some fun in Quincy!!

Until next time,

Aleena :)

Team Jason taking on the beach bash!

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