Saturday, July 31, 2021

Great time at the Aquarium and seeing the smallest SeaHorse!

I enjoyed this week i had a fun time exploring the aquarium with all the groups and team leaders also got the chance to see one of the tiniest sea horses in the world. There was a tank that was in the shape of a cylinder that had spiral stairs as we were going up we saw different types fishes, turtles and the fishes in the other tanks and showed description about them and the types of water they survive in. we also saw the penguins and learning more about the sea lions around the world, the things that are happening to them and watching the sea lions do cool tricks. The SeaHorses were so tiny that you have to go up close to the tank to see them move around and their called the Pygmy Seahorse their so small and vulnerable causing them to have predators in their environment having them to camouflage within the corals and plants.

Pygmy Seahorse 

 The pygmy seahorse is both tiny and well camouflaged. It is very difficult to spot amongst the sea grasses, soft corals, or gorgonians that it inhabits. Other distinctive pygmy seahorse characteristics include a fleshy head and body, a very short snout, and a long, prehensile tail. With their short snouts, they have the appearance of baby animals. Pygmy Seahorses can grow up to 14 to 27 millimeters long from the tip of the tail to the end of the snout, so that their vertical height while swimming is still smaller and an adult seahorse can be small as 13 millimeters long. Pygmy Seahorse have morphological markers, other seahorse don't have a single gill opening on the back of the head like pygmy seahorses and the others had two on side, males produce babies in a pouch by their trunk and lastly, males and females are distinguished by openings at the bottom of the trunk: females have a tiny, raised round pore for extruding eggs and males have a fore-and-aft slit for accepting them.

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