Sunday, August 1, 2021

Boston Newbie at the Aquarium! Week #4

    When I was in grade school, I wanted nothing more than to work with animals. It was hard enough deciding which ones. There are so many different kinds of animals: various land-based ones, water-based, predominantly sky-based, Antarctica-based (because that's a whole category of its own). I don't remember when exactly, but I recall wanting to be a marinebiologist. I think the oceans are their own kind of wonders for sure. Almost like another planet. I was super into all the nature shows especially the ones on Discovery Channel or PBS. Even today, although I ended up going into a very different direction career-wise, I still am equally as fascinated by and curious about marine life. 

    Visiting the Aquarium near the Long Wharf was definitely a trip down nostalgia lane in many ways. Seeing all the different species: jellyfish, penguins, fish and even sea lions almost made me want to sign up for a job at the Aquarium! Of course, it's also a lot of work more than just hanging out with animals. But I think there's something really special about learning and helping the other living things we share this planet with. It's not just enough to have an aquarium but to actually put forth good sustainable practices like caring for the planet into action is really important. 

    We also went to the Charles River which is personally one of my favorite areas! Because its a long walk along the waterfront, the team and I took some time to take fun videos and pictures! We also tried to compare the Cambridge and Boston side and highlight the benefits and differences. Not all of the team knows how to bike, but I hope next time we all can do a little cruising with the Blue Bikes! 

 More water to come,


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