Sunday, August 8, 2021

Lobster and crabs


Yet another week of save the harbor! This week was lot of fun. Starting with Monday, my birthday! Obviously I was so excited but more importantly Monday’s zoom we met people who were apart of save the harbor before it was interesting to hear their experiences and learn more about what they did and how they go about certain things. On Tuesday we went to squantum park where we got ATTACKED by mosquitoes. While we were there we went to the ocean where we did a test of the water and got to learn more about ph level and water quality etc. Wednesday we met with Jason’s group and met at the aquarium to take the Winthrop ferry. While on the ferry we did some trivia and me and Ari played charades. Once we got there we went to coughlin park where we learned about measuring beaches and how it’s done. I learned to appreciate the work people do to do that. We also found a bunch of hermit crabs that are now my children! Thursday we met on zoom due to the rain where we made crossword puzzles. We also watched a documentary. On Friday we did the beach bash at Malibu beach! This was a lot of fun, because I finally got to work with kids. I ran the touch tank and had a lot of fun being able to talk about crabs and lobster and getting to see everyone’s interest in them! See you next time!

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