Monday, August 9, 2021

Fun times at Revere Beach

This week my wonderful group and I had an astounding time at Revere Beach and the New England Aquarium. I genuinely enjoyed the Aquarium and seeing all of the sea creatures was visually pleasing. I spent about ten minutes watching jellyfish slowly move up or down in their exhibit solely because of how mesmerizing it was. The penguins were also fun to watch. They just swam around but taking a minute and actually enjoying nature and the beings that live among us is honestly a wonderful thing. My favorite part of the aquarium was standing at the top of the central tank and seeing all of the animals swim together in unity. Their only worries in their lifetime is finding things to eat and sleeping. It’s a wonderful thing to experience and I was glad that we were able to go so thank you to the higher ups at Save The Harbor for that one. I also had a lot of fun at Revere with my group. We did a bivalve quest which was pretty fun. I didn’t find a lot of bivalves but the search was still good. I found a only dead ones or ones that were in half. Carolina was a very nice lady and I learned more than I thought from her which is great. For the deliverable. I was in charge of tying the hook and weight to the line. I really liked this deliverable because fishing is a great time for me. Whenever I’m in Vermont, I will spend all day fishing because when I catch something it makes me feel really accomplished because theirs a lot of waiting involved.

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