Friday, August 20, 2021

A summer to remember :)


Last week I keep of save the harbor! Wow what a summer it has been. Tuesday we went to George’s island while we were there we got to explore it while David told us many of his stories. We went in the tunnel, after hearing the story of the lady in black. Ari Aliyah and I were first in the tunnel we could hardly see a thing but once we got to the end we hid to scare the rest of the crew. We also went through another tunnel, David told us a story and opened a “coffin” door inside was Bridget! It was so funny seeing everyone scream and get scared. On Wednesday we went to spectacle island, on the way there me and Ari were watching total drama island. When we got there my group had lunch first. While eating we talked about our favorite shows and funny moments from them. Next we did fishing, a few kids caught some crabs but it was a lot of fun to show them the crabs and help them catch them. The we got to go swimming and when I tell you my feet were in pain from the shells and rocks on that beach. But Francesca, Jay and I played football and then three boys from one of the camps wanted to join. We teamed up and obviously we won! Thursday we went bowling. I was in a group with Jay,Aliyah,Ari,and Henry. Let’s just say we aren’t the best bowlers. First round I was loosing….bad. But I did get a blue slushee and some chicken tenders so I was ok. Next round things started to look better. Aliyah had to leave but somehow she was still winning when she wasn’t there. We made a plan for each time her turn came we would do an extreme throw to make sure she didn’t get any points. But every time we tried we ended up doing better than ourselves. However I came into the lead witness a bunch of points ahead. We were nearing the end and things were looking great but THEN, JAY STOLE MY WIN WHEN SHE HIT A STRIKE. However my luck wasn’t over there e went to the arcade and I lost at air hockey and basketball but I did win multiple games on the car game. Lastly our last day at save the harbor we went out for lunch. I’m gonna miss all these losers. Hope to see you again. 

- Hope

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