Monday, August 16, 2021

fishing derby and charles river

         This week we had a fishing derby and we were at the Charles river.  The fishing derby was fun even though the boat I was on didn’t catch any fish.  It turned into a party boat more than a fishing boat by the end.  We had to get there by 7:00 and it was in the seaport so I was up since 5:30 that day.  The day after I didn’t need to go in until 12:00 so my sleep schedule is screwed up now.  Every boat caught something even if it wasn’t a big fish.  I think I have a record for the smallest fish caught.  My line got tangled with someone else's line and when I reeled it in I saw a very tiny fish on it.  Sadly I didn’t get a picture of it and I don’t know the guy that did.

On Wednesday we walked around the esplanade so we could get videos for the deliverable.  Then we were at long wharf where we met with other non profit groups that were working on the harbor. Thursday was 95 degrees so we spent about half an hour outside before going inside to finish the deliverable.  The part I was doing was about bike trails and blue bikes.  What I learned is that there’s not a lot to talk about after you say where they are and that there’s one bike trail.  Somehow I turned it into a seven second sentence.  And for Friday it’s 12:55 when I’m writing this so this is what we’re doing, not dying from the heat and writing the blogs.  

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