Monday, August 9, 2021

Week 5: Mosquitoes and a Malibu Beach Bash

Hey yall!

This week my group went to Quincy near the Marina Bay. We got eaten a live by mosquitoes and did a fun activity on the water quality of the beach. Each team shared their results and had a great discussion. It was also interesting how it took me about an hour and 30 mins to get to the Squantum Point Park, however when we looked across the water we could literally see my neighborhood. Since it was a very low tide Marley, Francessa, and I joked about how we could swim or even walk right across and be in Boston. Even though it was a long walk to get there from the bus stop, Marley and I talked about different food while furiously fighting off the never ending mosquitoes. The next day I was out, but I heard that my team had a ton of fun with Team Jason. On Thursday we were online due to bad weather, but we made the most out of it. We got our deliverable done in record time and watched a documentary “Rising Tides” and discussed what we watched. We even had a few breaks to play Crazy 8s aka Uno on iMessage. And lastly, on Friday we had an EPIC beach bash!! There was plenty of games, food, a never ending line for Italian Ice, music, and our awesome touch tank of a crab and lobster. Friday was a great day filled with me laughing until my stomach hurt with Francessa. Oh... and I took home the Lobster and Crab!

Catch ya later 😎


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