Sunday, August 8, 2021

Protection With Plants

If you every walked around the Charles river you may have seen a lot of plants by the water. Though you probably thought it was just there originally there sense the beginning. Well it is true that they are there but they are very important for so many reasons that we don't notice or appreciate. In Charles river there is a lot of bushes and flowers near the water, while there is a lot of trees. Why are these plants so important? Plants do three things that can benefit the world but also the area near Charles river. 1. It can protect from large storms, 2. It can help with erosion as well. There is also an experiment being doing near the science museum where there is a floating plantation that is being studied to see if the zooplankton will increase due to the plant roots.

First we are going to talk about the protection of large storms. How can plan with super strong gust of winds? well think of it like this, if you are to place a bunch of different things in front of a fan you will notice that the air is softer after all those objects. That is because the pressure is being relived as the wind loses energy while moving through those things. Plants are the exact same! All the leaves are many things for the wind to go by, now add tons of plants and trees and you have yourself a wall of plants that will slow down the effect of those strong wind gusts. Which is nice because there is homes near the Charles river and they can be a little safer thanks to those plants. 

Next is the erosion, and what exactly is erosion? Well erosion is the lose of minerals in rocks and soil due to natural things like wind and rain. That is bad because that can have a large effect of solid grounds and also just the health of possible planting areas like farms. How plants help with this is due to their roots. Most plants have complex root systems that are like huge webs. They are great with helping keep all the soils and minerals together and keep the dirt nice and healthy for foundation and great farming. Also this is good for the protection of storms like I mentioned earlier. Plants are nature filter when it comes to erosion and also the air as well. So whenever you see a plant at Charles river say thank you to it!

Future Plants

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