Sunday, August 8, 2021

southie and seaport

     This week we were in South Boston and the seaport.  There wasn't much that we did this week because it was raining on thursday so we didn't go to any of the sites that day.  That means that we only had two days to go to them.  The first day we went to the seaport and since we've been there before we went to the lawn on D and we ended up spending the time playing ping pong.  It was a good thing that I had to go in early that day because for some reason I thought it would only take me half an hour to get to south station and I ended up being there at the same time as the rest of my team.  It was a good thing that I didn't actually need to be early.  

For some reason I completely forgot what my team did on Wednesday and I had to go back through the photos in my phone to remember what we did that day.  It turns out that the picture of a bird somehow made me remember that we did a beach survey at a place that I don't remember.  The survey was mapping the erosion of the beach.  I'm completely piecing together everything that I did that day as I'm writing so halfway through I remember that we were in Winthrop and there was only one bus that would get us to the blue line so that everyone could go home.  And then it was Thursday and I almost broke my phone in the rain after taking a picture of some old cars that were probably being used in a movie.  

Friday we were at castle island, finished the work for the week and that pretty much was all we did even though we worked on it the day before it still took a long time to finish it. 

these were the only pictures I really had for this week.

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