Sunday, August 15, 2021

Great Week

 I started off my week with a very fun fishing derby with Danny, Cyan, and Kurty and two very amazing people that brought us around the harbor. We all caught one fish each and Danny caught the biggest fish out of all of us. This was my first time going on a boat and fishing and I had a lot of fun fishing far in the ocean. Then later we started on our deliverables and it was pretty cool because we just researched about our location and made two questions about our specific topic so we can make a game. Then it was too hot to go to work on Thursday and we just went online and continued our deliverables. It was also the same for Friday we just finished up the deliverables and started on our blogs

On Saturday I was a part of the event Un Dia de Kayak 2021 from 10 am to 2 pm and it was one of my favorite events this summer. I had a lot of fun working with Maya, Franchesca, and Kiana. This was my first time kayaking and I really enjoyed it and I would definitely do it again when I have a chance. We were in charge of the touch tank right in front of the children's museum, but we did not catch any crabs for the people to look at and touch. I really enjoyed this week and I hope next week will be just as fun as any other week.

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