Monday, August 9, 2021

Fun week in Southie

This week we were in south Boston, we first met at south station and made our way to the office to fill up our snack bag. On our way we stopped at a Starbucks and got breakfast and saw Chis, who works for Save the harbour, hide the scenes. When we got to the office we filled our snack bag and ate some popsicles from the freezer. We sat in the office for a little bit then we decided to go to the lawn on D. We walked there and we sat on the swings for a while then Albert found a bigger round swing. So Alex ,Henry,and I got on the swing and started going in circles. We got off and we started to play ping pong. We played for a while and ate lunch and continued to play ping pong then we went home. The next day we met at the library to work on our deliverable. First we went outside to the courtyard then made our way to the teen center and we started on our deliverable and picked what we were going to do. After a while we played apples to apples and after the game was done we got food at Wendy’s. Then we walked to boomerangs which is a thrift store and called it a day. Then on Friday I had a zoom meeting but we were planning to meet at castle island because this was Aleena’s last week here before she goes back to college. After my meeting had ended I made my way to castle island. I had gotten food and found my group and we finished our deliverable, played with a frisbee that Jason had brought. We took group pictures and called it a day, we walked to the bus stop and that is how my week went.

See u next time on the water-Ari

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