Sunday, August 8, 2021

Water Drone and Aquatic Life

     This week was great and we learned a lot about different species of sea life in the harbor. One of the coolest things we did this week is use water drones to record a video of life in the ocean. My favorite part of this week was the underwater drone because it was just a different experience for this week.  Then for our deliverable, we used the underwater drone to record what you can find underwater at the harbor and it was beautiful.

    We got to meet another national park ranger and it was pretty fun because we got to touch different anemones and wildlife such as sponges and we also looked under the dock so we can collect anemones and any other sea animal we learned about on that day. On Sunday I went to an event for work and I had a lot of fun we were in charge of the sand raking station and we had a ton of fun raking the sand and just enjoying the day at the beach. There were a lot of people there at the event and there was a whole Ferris wheel and I was very tempted to go on it after work but there was a huge line. This was another amazing week working at save the harbor and I can't wait to see what we do this week.

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