Sunday, August 8, 2021

Fun time at east boston

 During the week we first went to east boston, we all met at maverick its a train station then we walked to a pier we found a dock and walked on it and we found some chairs near very nice apartments on the waterfront. We started walking around the waterfront and Albert found a cart. I got on the cart and they pushed me down a small hill and it was really fun. Then everyone put their bags on the cart while I sat on it and we walked till we found a park. We played tag and sat and ate lunch, then we went to the open field to play frisbee then walked some more and while on our walk we saw someone walking their cat then we went to the ica in east boston and it was really beautiful art there. The next day we went to Belle Isle marsh. There were a lot of mosquitoes and other bugs. We climb up a tower thing and sat there for a while  and looked at a live feed of birds which I forget the name of. Then we went to constitution beach but we got pizza for lunch. We found the pH of the water and found different animals there. We found a blood worm, lots of little crabs and a dead spider crab. On Friday we went to a library in back bay to work on are deliverable then we explored the library and found a teen center there and took pictures on a photo booth and played uno. We went to a framers market and ate lunch and went home and that was my week. :)

See u next time on the water -Ari  

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