Monday, August 16, 2021

Fun filled amazing week

 This week was extremely fun because on Tuesday we were at a fishing derby. This was my first time doing it and I didn’t know what to expect. First we split into different groups. My group went on the big boat and I was with Hope, Aliyah, Alex, Henry, Dee,Keiana, Marily, Caroline, Maya ,Grace and Ty. I’m the morning we all were complaining about how cold it was and ate some snacks. Dee connected to the aux and was blasting some tunes, we had stopped to finish and no one had gotten anything yet. So we just started to dance to the songs and had a whole dance party. We re zoomed to fishing and I had gotten a fish but I couldn’t reel up the fish , it was too strong and broke my line. When we were back on the move we started to dance again. We (Dee, Aliyah, Hope, and I) taught Alex dance moves and we all soon started to dance, we forgot or didn’t really care to fish. We stopped and people started to catch fish. The captain had got one and I took a picture with it but it started to flop and I accidentally dropped it , but we soon got the fish in the water. I had got a small fish and I named him Nemo, then I had gotten another fish and started to reel it up but once he was at the surface of the water, he somehow unhooked himself. I lost the fish. We danced one more time then went back to the dock. Once everyone was there we ate lunch and took a group picture and decided who was the winners and called it a day. The next day we went to the Charles river, I was late because I had gotten lost but I eventually found my way. We walk to the Charles and we’re walking and found a work out park and started to ”work out“.

Then we kept walking and decided to stop to eat. We stopped at this beautiful old tree. Once we had sat down Albert started to climb the tree and I wanted to climb it also. I had to ask Albert how to climb it. I climbed the tree and made it to the top and once I had got there we decided to walk again. I had to quickly climb out of the tree to continue to walk. We stopped at a park that had a zipline. I got on the zipline twice and it was a lot of fun. We started to climb the structure and go down the slide. I went down the slide backwards and almost fell off the slide at the end. Then we all took turns on a spinning wheel, and once we all got off of it we fell to the floor. Then Jason dismissed us early since we had a cruise to go on as a group. So  Jasmine, Kurtly, Julian,Henry, and I wanted ice cream so we went to j.p licks. Then we went to the office where me and Kurtly went crazy over bagels, then went to the cruise spot where we were meeting. One the boat we played games and did a scavenger hunt then called it a day. On Thursday we went back to the Charles and walked around then went to the library and played uno, ate lunch and worked on our deliverable and decided on a video and worked on it for the rest of the day and then went home. On Friday we met at the library and played more uno for a while and I won two rounds and then we went to Wendy’s for food but we ate at chipotle. Then we went back to the library and relaxed, then went home. 

See you next time on the water -Ari

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