Thursday, August 19, 2021

Last Week at Save the Harbor! :,(

I had so much fun at Save the Harbor this summer! We did so much in such a short time, including fishing, beach clean-ups, visiting the aquarium, walking around a few marshes and the Charles River, and a lot more! But my favorite part this summer was visiting different beaches and the Boston Harbor Islands and learning about the different marine animals and plants that lived there. I also loved that we got to visit a new place every day. 

This week was really fun. On Tuesday, we went to Georges Island, and walked around Fort Warren, which was built and used as a training facility for Union soldiers and a prison for Confederate officers and officials during the Civil War. We walked through the Dark Tunnel and to the Dark Arch, which was an interesting experience, considering I couldn't see anyone or anything. I just followed the sound of everyone screaming to to find my way around. We also went to the fort's bakery where I was lifted into the oven and "baked" alive.

My group at the top of North Drumlin
on Spectacle Island
On Wednesday, we went to Spectacle Island. This island was once used to dispose garbage, but after many years of burning up all of the trash, then covering it with dirt, and creating trails and a park, it is a beautiful island that attracts both the residents and tourists of Boston. When we were at Spectacle Island, we hiked the North Drumlin, swam in the harbor, and helped younger kids fish! I really enjoyed visiting the Boston Harbor Islands, and I hope to go back soon! Thursday was a rainy day, so we went bowling at Boston Bowl. I haven't bowled in a while, and I forgot how fun (and hard) it is. 

I had a lot of fun this summer and despite Covid, I think that we made the most of our time together. Thanks for such a great summer!

- Grace

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